Specializing in advanced 24/7 Smart Property Solutions. Providing cost savings, eliminating inefficiencies, and boosting environmental sustainability.


Specializing in advanced 24/7 Smart Property Solutions. Providing cost savings, eliminating inefficiencies, and boosting environmental sustainability.




Start Planning for a Sustainable Future

Building a Greener Tomorrow

At SenseCore, our commitment extends beyond providing innovative property monitoring solutions. We are dedicated to fostering a sustainable future, integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our operations and product offerings.

How We Help You Plan for Sustainability

SenseCore offers comprehensive property solutions designed to enhance sustainability and efficiency. Our tailored approach ensures that every aspect of your property management aligns with your sustainability goals.

Monitor Your Properties 24/7 with Our Control Suite IoT Platform

Our Products

Enhance your property management with SenseCore’s cutting-edge solutions. Our IoT sensors require no WiFi, are easy to install, and work right out of the box. Gain seamless access to crucial data and alerts for ultimate efficiency and peace of mind. Upgrade to smart, effortless property management today!

The Kraken Flow Meter by SenseCore is a non-intrusive, clamp-on flow meter utilizing ultrasonic technology for precise and real-time water flow monitoring. It ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your property management needs.

The SenseCore QuadClamp 4-Channel Current Sensor is a LoRaWAN converter that monitors machine status and analyzes power consumption. It supports up to 4 detachable sensors, BLE configuration, and wireless OTA updates. Powered by an 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery, it ensures long-term use and compatibility with all LoRaWAN frequencies.

The SenseCore AquaLine LoRaWAN Flow Sensor is a high-precision device designed to measure and monitor water flow volume in real-time. It transmits data via LoRaWAN technology, ensuring reliable monitoring for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available also in solar!

Boost Your Property’s Performance for Maximum Returns

Welcome to the future of Smart Building Solutions! Our cutting-edge systems provide instant insights into utility usage across your properties, unlocking savings, reducing risks, and boosting sustainability!

Reduce Utility Expenses

Tracking water usage saves money by pinpointing excess consumption and promoting sustainability.

Proactive Maintenance

Detect and replace outdated or faulty plumbing infrastructure and fixtures.


Manage Insurance Risk

Reduce costly insurance claims, lower deductibles, and decrease insurance premiums.

Speed Up Repairs

Quickly identify leaks proactively to prevent expensive damages and minimize downtime.

Minimize Business Interuption

Efficient service management reduces technician visits while ensuring seamless business continuity.

Sustainability Made Simple

Join the movement towards a greener future effortlessly with our innovative solutions.

Case Studies

SenseCore at Local Restaurant Saves $28,000

SenseCore’s Smart Water Management Solution rescued a local restaurant from substantial losses. A malfunctioning softener stuck in a regeneration cycle wasted water at 9 liters per minute, totaling 12,960 liters daily, 388,000 liters monthly, and a staggering 4,600,000 million liters annually. The unnoticed issue drained $77 daily, $2,300 monthly, and $28,000 yearly. SenseCore’s solution not only halted the waste but also saved the restaurant $28,000 annually, demonstrating the efficacy of proactive water monitoring.

Saving $10,000 at Super8 Hotel, Guelph Ontario

SenseCore’s swift detection system identified a water leak stemming from a forced main sump pump discharge at Super8 Hotel, Guelph Ontario. Within seconds, the leak was pinpointed, allowing prompt resolution by the client. This efficiency safeguarded the hotel’s laundry equipment valued at over tens of thousands of dollars, preventing potential damage. By detecting the leak early, SenseCore saved the customer $10,000 in equipment replacement costs.

Water Conservation Saves $17,000 Annually in Apartment Complex

Utilizing SenseCore’s smart water management solutions, an apartment complex initiated a water conservation campaign, swiftly detecting various plumbing leaks and inefficiencies. Notably, an underground leak, wasting 5500 liters daily, was promptly repaired, saving 165,000 liters monthly. Implementing low-flow fixtures and resident education further reduced water usage by 30%, resulting in $17,000 in annual savings. This underscored the complex’s commitment to sustainability, promoting operational efficiency and environmental responsibility throughout the community.