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Transforming Properties with Smart Solutions

At SenseCore, we are committed to transforming properties into smart, secure, and efficient spaces through our innovative smart property solutions. With over a decade of experience in the plumbing field, we understand the challenges that property owners face, particularly when it comes to undetected plumbing issues. Our mission is to provide peace of mind by minimizing these risks and ensuring the safety and sustainability of your properties.

Our flagship Control Suite Platform has made a significant impact, saving over 15,000,000 liters of water and over $300,000 in property damage. This comprehensive platform allows property owners to monitor and manage their properties in real-time, offering valuable insights and alerts to prevent potential issues before they become costly problems.

Driving Efficiency and Conservation

At SenseCore, our dedication to efficiency and conservation drives everything we do. We strive to help companies protect their assets, lower operating costs, and enhance sustainability in their buildings. Our award-winning solutions are trusted by thousands of commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional buildings across North America.

Our technologies not only contribute to significant water and energy savings but also promote environmentally responsible practices. By deploying our advanced solutions, we help reduce water wastage and mitigate property damage, fostering a more sustainable future.

Join us in our mission to make buildings smarter, safer, and more sustainable. Discover how SenseCore can provide you with the peace of mind and security you deserve.

The Team Behind Our Success

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With over 20 years of combined plumbing experience, our team has turned industry challenges into innovative solutions. SenseCore was born from our daily work, solving real-world plumbing issues, and our commitment to providing effective, reliable solutions for property management.

"You don’t know you need it until you need it, but when you need it, you’ll wish you had it."

-Dylan Medeiros, CEO of SenseCore