Super8 Guelph

Preventing Costly Damage with SenseCore Smart Water Management at Super8 Guelph Resulting in Over $10,000 in Savings.

Background: Super8 Guelph, a prominent hotel located in Guelph, Ontario, faced significant challenges in managing water usage and detecting leaks within their facility. With laundry operations being a crucial aspect of their daily operations, any water-related issues posed a substantial risk to their equipment and finances.

Challenge: The hotel’s laundry room was prone to leaks, with one particularly major incident involving a 2″ forced sump pump discharge spraying water across the room. Additionally, consistent water flow alerts were detected, indicating potential ongoing leaks that could escalate into significant water wastage and damage if left unchecked.

Solution: Super8 Guelph partnered with SenseCore to implement a comprehensive smart water management solution. This solution included the deployment of Kraken Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Vitai Leak Sensors throughout the facility, integrated with the SenseCore Control Suite platform for real-time monitoring and alerts.

Implementation: Upon installation, the SenseCore system immediately began monitoring water usage and detecting anomalies within the hotel’s infrastructure. The system was configured to provide instant alerts to designated staff members, ensuring prompt action in the event of any water-related issues.


  1. Mitigation of Major Leak:

    • When the 2″ forced sump pump discharge began spraying water, the SenseCore system alerted the hotel worker at the front desk within seconds. With this timely notification, the worker efficiently stopped the leak, preventing extensive water damage to the laundry equipment.
    • Estimated Cost Savings: Avoided equipment damage and potential repair costs of $8,000.

    • Prevention of Consistent Water Flow Leaks:

      • The SenseCore system detected several instances of consistent water flow alerts, indicating potential leaks in the facility. These alerts enabled staff members to promptly identify and address the issues, preventing prolonged water wastage.
      • Estimated Cost Savings: Prevented approximately 9 liters per minute (l/m) of water usage for 72 hours in each instance, totaling to 38.88 m^3. With each m^3 costing $6.45, the total savings per instance amount to $250.80. Detecting these leaks 12 times this year resulted in a cumulative savings of $3,009.60.

    Overall Savings: By leveraging the SenseCore smart water management solution, Super8 Guelph realized substantial cost savings by avoiding equipment damage, reducing water wastage, and mitigating potential repair expenses. The proactive monitoring and rapid response capabilities of the system ensured minimal disruption to hotel operations and enhanced overall efficiency and sustainability.

    Conclusion: The successful implementation of SenseCore’s Smart Water Management Solution at Super8 Guelph demonstrates the significant benefits of proactive leak detection and water usage monitoring. By leveraging The Helium Network, the hotel was able to safeguard its infrastructure, reduce operational costs, and reinforce its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The estimated total savings in water usage and equipment damage amounted to approximately $11,009.60.